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On The Go Kit

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This is an ideal bundle for the photographer who likes to maintain there camera and lenses whilst on the go. The Sensor cleaning products allow inspection inside the camera to remove dust and particals from the sensor and other sensitive parts of the camera in a safe and efficient way.

The kit includes: 

EZ Sensor Cleaning Kit™ PLUS Green Vswabs® and VDust Plus™,Sensor Brush®  
EZ sensor cleaning allows removing water and oil stains efficient and safe way.

Mini Quasar® Sensor Loupe® 7x
Mini Quasar® is based on award winning Sensor Loupe® technology comes in pocket-able format and flat shape.
VisibleDust 7X mini Quasar® is equipped with 4 SUPER bright LED lights positioned at angles to identify the smallest object on the sensor surface (usually impossible to be seen otherwise).

VisibleDust Hurricane Blower
The VisibleDust Hurricane Blower delicately directs a current of air to remove dust from the chamber area, lenses, and other delicate surfaces.A must for every photographers bag.

Optix Clean™Kit
Optix Clean™ is a non-alcoholic, non-flammable cleaning liquid formulated to be completely safe for all multi-coated optical surfaces.
The Microfiber Cloth is perfect for cleaning camera optics such as lenses and viewfinders. The Visi Clean™ Microfiber Cloth absorbs dirt, grease and moisture more effectively than natural chamois leather, leaving a spot-free finish without abrasions.

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